Zbrush eye tutorial

zbrush eye tutorial

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We need your consent We variety of eye shapes and to date and relatively inexpensive. Next you can use the ClipCurve brush to clip the random lines and detail in. Once in Keyshot all we do is choose our environment to export the two models to make our selecting easier.

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Remember you can make a variety of eye shapes and colors by modifying this model and method. One thing to note and I am sure most would be aware of that, but nonetheless, its worth mentioning is that is important to apply the final touchups to the eye after it has been placed within the creature head. Rotate it in the modifiers window up 90 degrees, and Deformation:Flatten in the Y axis about 14 or so. It is what is most reflective and wet looking as well as refractive. This eye is a two-part eye with the eyeball and a refractive lens only, not a three-part eye as shown in my previous post.