Zbrush array mesh shield

zbrush array mesh shield

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After conversion, the resulting model use the Append New or a single copy the slider.

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Modeling \u0026 Texturing a Viking Shield in Blender \u0026 Substance Painter
(line of beauty) as a background, i used array mesh in zbrush for constructing the curvy line of snake skeleton behind and for the snake on the shield, actually. Heya! I recorded this demo for people who need to get a handle on the Z Modeler brush. By understanding some basic box modeling concepts and brush functions. Quick and easy way to make tiling sculpts in Zbrush, using ArrayMesh. Make this in 1 hour. Let me know if it helps you! ezydownload.net
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The sharp detailing elements on the shield was achieved by hand drawing the design, then scanning and converting it into vector art in Adobe Illustrator. The doctors told me I could lose the use of my arm. Add a few scratches across the surface and the thin edging. Learn more. Comments 0.