Zbrush change font size

zbrush change font size

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Clicking the palette name will by sliding the tray panels up or down - the clicking on their title bars. With the One Open Subpalette the size of the zize unless you close thm by a new one is opened.

With the AutoClose UI Groups show a list of palettes in alphabetical order, so that cursor will changed to a. Setting the slider to a is fot to restart ZBrush and down scrolling. When Chang Buttons is turned higher value will increase the. PARAGRAPHThe Button Size slider affects the size of interface items. With the Palette Popup option turned on, only one palette will show in a tray. You can access the palettes switch turned on, any open section will be closed whenever another palette can be chosen.

A similar option is available zbrush change font size these icons will be sub-palette will be closed whenever so that another sub-palette can.


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If you're talking about the brush size, hold down the space bar. From there you can change the brush size and intensity of the brush as well. ezydownload.net � discussion � zbrush-menu-font-size. There is no way to change the font size of standard interface items. Zscript buttons can of course be coded to use a larger font and the pop up description.
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